The incredible and passionate story of the great world final of Tetris!

“He’s going to play for Diego, Maradona has it, he’s scored two, Maradona steps on the ball, the genius of world football starts on the right, he leaves the line and goes to play for Burruchaga … Always Maradona! Genius! Genius! Genius! Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta … Going by … Going by … “.

Undoubtedly, the most passionate and enthusiastic story that remained in the story was that of Victor Hugo Morales in the historical run that Diego Armando Maradona transformed into the “Goal of the Century”, in the quarterfinals of Mexico 86 and against England.

Today, 32 years after that milestone of radio broadcasting in the eighties and with social networks as an enhancer, the Cuban Ibai Llanos put the same intensity and passion of the Uruguayan reporter in the final of the World Cup of Tetris, which was played weekend in the United States. This caster, as defined in eSports, is 23 years old and for many it is the voice of electronic sports in Spain.

From his Twitter account (@LVPibai) and at the request of his fans, he told the final of the Classic Tetris World Championship with the intensity and verbiage that characterizes him every time he puts voice to the games of League of Legends through the platform Twitch

The 16-year-old boy who made history
As for the tournament, young Californian Joseph Saelee managed to decisively defeat the seven-time world champion Jonas Neubauer and who held the world record for points: 300,000 in less than 2 minutes. Such feat was materialized in the Classic Tetris World Championship of the city of Portlando, Oregon, United States, where Saelee demonstrated all his skill with the blocks in front of an expert like Neubauer.

The particular thing about this traditional championship is that it uses the 8-bit version of Tetris for the Nintendo NES console of 1989, where players try to place pieces until they complete their respective screens; the player with the most points remains with the victory of each round, this time remaining 3-0 in favor of Saelee.

As a prize for the conquest, the young Joseph Saelee won 1,000 dollars and a trophy that crowns him as the best player in the world of classic Tetris.